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Hello and welcome to this new network-[in] adventure. Welcome to Little Blue Square.

What is Little Blue Square, and how is it different?

Little Blue Square takes all the good bits from business networking and adds a layer of action. This is where LinkedIn comes into play.

You will of course be able to build awareness of your business, meet other business professionals, get referrals and have 1-2-1s. Plus, we will help you craft your LinkedIn post headlines, understand what 'great' content looks like and even share posts (all while supporting each others content) live during the event. This is network-[in] 2.0!

And just think how powerful your 10 minute pitch becomes if we turn it into content, share it and engage with it live during the session.

On top of this, I will share hints and tips on getting the most from the LinkedIn platform, to enable you to be even more productive and successful.

Only question is, are you [in] ?


​This group is limited to 20 people, so please be quick! ​If you would like to join, please register here:

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