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L I N K E D I N   W O R K S H O P S

Our workshops are all online, and provide you with the steps you need to be successful on LinkedIn. Each workshop has a maximum of 10 people.

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Profile Workshop

Defining goals, audiences, objectives. Build value into your profile and optimise. Optimise your settings and build trust into everything you do.




Content Mastery

Learn what works, why, when and how, based on the research I ran at LinkedIn. Understand metrics, measures of success and KPIs. Build your content calendar. Create and curate content.



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Linked to Sales

6 week programme to take you through the entire sales journey. Utilise online with LinkedIn. Take offline with solid, proven sales techniques - and close those deals.



L I N K E D I N   1 - 2 - 1

Our 1-2-1 consulting, is bespoke to your needs and gives you the freedom to shape the direction of your learning - at your pace



Opening an account, defining goals, completing sections, using keywords, crafting headlines, headshots, media, skills and connections.



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Reaching ‘all star’ status, apply the 'so what'? build your summary sections, increase connections and start posting – how, where, when.




Pro / Digital  Leader

Redefine goals, create & curate standout content, pro-networking, promote content across channels, grow your personal brand, measure results.



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