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A B O U T    N E X T    P L A Y . . .

What is Next Play?

"Next Play" has become the unofficial mantra of LinkedIn and it's something that was often quoted by former CEO Jeff Weiner - but it’s not something he came up with.

"It’s something I read and loved and decided to use. The person I borrowed it from is Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski] of the Duke Blue Devils. Every time the basketball team goes up and down the court and they complete a sequence, offense or defense, Coach K yells out the exact same thing, every time. He yells out “next play,” because he doesn’t want the team lingering too long on what just took place.

He doesn’t want them celebrating that incredible alley-oop dunk, and he doesn’t want them lamenting the fact that the opposing team just stole the ball and had a fast break that led to an easy layup. You can take a moment to reflect on what just happened, and you probably should, but you shouldn’t linger too long on it, and then move on to the next play."


Who are the Next Play Players?

We are a LinkedIn alumni. Former LinkedIn employees that decided to go it alone and build a business from our collective knowledge. 

Together, we know how LinkedIn works. We know the platform, the members and how you can get the best from it both personally and from a business perspective.

Our broad skill set covers everything from profile building to personal branding. Content and marketing to recruitment and sales. 

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